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Butler Professional Farrier School LLC


We appreciate the innovation of the Hoof Jack. It is an original, simple
idea that helps farriers in their already difficult tasks. We have several
Hoof Jacks at Butler Professional Farrier School for students to use.  We
expose students to a variety of tools but students have consistently chosen
the Hoof Jack.
When taking the foot forward, the straight post is adjustable helping the
horse to be comfortable for the trimming or shoeing tasks. Another feature
that we love about the Hoof Jack is how quiet it is, with little or no
sound. If you accidentally drop something it won’t startle a horse compared
to a metal or aluminum hoof stand.
We use the cradle for heavy draft horses. It is also helpful for older
spavined horses, who can’t pull their hind legs behind them as far as a
sound horse.  The medium Hoof Jack improves the farrier’s ability to work on
lame horses with its shortened height.  The cradle has been helpful for
students just beginning so they have one less thing to worry about when
having the hind leg up.

Jacob Butler, CJF
Butler Professional Farrier School LLC