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Charley Y

Just a note to let you know I used your Hoofjack for the first time today.  Where in the heck has this been the last 45 years I been working on horses feet?  At 60 I decided it was time to look for something that could help me and my back trim my geldings feet.  I happened to run by this product on YouTube awhile back, so did some more researching a week or so ago and then ordered the Jack.  My geldings are good with their feet so it was easy to use the Jack on them.  I did the fronts on 3 geldings and I have never had feet turn out so good, mainly because I could support the hoof and take my time.  All three just laid their feet in the cradle when I trimmed and rasped.  Put on the rubber end and filed the hoof into a nice perfect hoof.

Thanks for your efforts.

Charley Y
Froid, Mt.