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Esco Buff, PhD, CF

Esco Buff, PhD, CF recommends Hoofjack Hoof Stand

Esco Buff, PhD, CF recommends Hoofjack Hoof Stand

Early in my career I recognized the benefit of a hoof stand.  To this day, it surprises me how many farriers still do not use one.  For me, a hoof stand is one of the most essential tools I have to use as it eliminates a lot of wear and tear on my body.


When the Hoofjack entered the market, I also recognized early the benefit of this hoof stand.  I’ve always had a problem with hoof stands made of steel and aluminum.  Occasionally when one of these hoof stands goes shooting out from under foot, it can become a rolling danger to both people and the horse.  Wood hoof stands have not held up to the weight of the job.  The Hoofjack, which is made of plastic, resolved these issues.  It is indestructible, safe, and easy to use.  It is not a danger to people or the horse if one goes shooting out from under foot.


I originally bought a combo Hoofjack which is a Hoofjack base, with a draft and horse cradle and post.  The Hoofjack I bought is the original one I purchased and it is as strong as day one and still in great condition.  The screw adjustment has not faltered to this day.  I’ve had to replace the cap on the horse post once and the strap on the draft and horse cradle only also only once.  Replacing these was simple.  I have also bought a mini Hoofjack for those smaller animals and expect this to last my lifetime also.


I have seen a couple “copy cat” products come out on the market trying to impersonate the Hoofjack.  Although this is flattering it is my opinion that none of these products even come close to functioning the same.  I’ve tested them and have witnessed all of them fail.  If I had to only recommend only one hoof stand to fellow farriers, it would be without a doubt, the Hoofjack.  Invest in making things easier on your body and the horse so you will have a long and safe career.  The Hoofjack is so well made it will be the last one you ever buy or ever want to buy.


Along the same lines, Equine Innovations, Inc., also make a great tool cart.  I have replaced many wood tool carts do to being trampled by horses.  The aluminum ones I have had have fared well with a few dents that can be hammered out.  My main concern with them has been the danger to the horse.  I have seen some horses pretty cut up from trampling on an aluminum tool cart.


When the Tooljack came out, I immediately bought this bright green model.  I do have to admit that I painted mine black shortly after purchasing due to the bright green look.  Just recently I purchase an up graded model in black and silver.  I prefer the Tooljack over other tool carts due to several features as the height, ease of rolling wheel, removable top tray, strong indestructible plastic, magnets provided, ease of use, safe, and light weight quality.


I know tool carts and boxes can be as individualist as our hand tools.  There are many types and models on the market.  If safety, light weight, indestructible, and ease of rolling around are your concerns; then may I suggest you take a serious look at the Tooljack made by Equine Innovations, Inc.


On a personal note, I want to thank Kevin Keeler for his innovations that came due to his own physical limitations.  Your insight has made my job a whole lot safer and easier.



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