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Gary Mundy

I recently purchased a standard horse size Hoofjack. I’ve been using a simple hoof stand made from a farm disk blade for over 20 years. I trimmed several of my own horses many years ago and attempted to resume that task over the past few months. My physical ability is not what it once was and it’s quite difficult for me to hold a hoof these days. I saw the Hoofjack advertised on RFDTV and decided to give it a try. I watched the video provided with the Hoofjack and found it most informative. Then I proceeded to try it out on my rather nervous mare who never much cared for the old hoof stand. Well, to say the least the Hoof stand made a huge difference for my nervous mare and me alike. My mare was calmer and seemed to not mind leaving her foot in the Hoofjack even when I would walk away for several moments. This is a wonderful tool and I recommend it for anyone handling horses. Even if you just clean the hooves, it’s of great benefit. It’s very light weight and I plan to keep it in the horse trailer when I travel. It’s also made int he U.S.A.!!!!!