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Harmony Corral

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Jennifer Hughes - President



Friday January 15th 2010

Hello Kevin and the Folks at Equine Innovations.

I write you the following in an "attempt" to express just how much the Hoof Jack means to me and how indeed it has changed my life and dramatically assisted in my life's work rescuing and caring for the treasures in my care coast to coast known as the horse.

Like most, I have back and neck problems for most my life and anyone who does horses feet knows that it takes a toll on your body right then and there and also has long term effects with each hoof session regardless of how good the horse is during one of these sessions.

Horses experience discomfort of their own at this time too because of your discomfort and with me at my facilities; most of the horses are arthritic, have old injuries or are just old.

So if I can be comfortable during the process of a barefoot trim and the "time" has been cut in half and the horses hoof is being positioned in a comfortable angle and proper height during their trim, then they and I are much more comfortable during the process, after the process and equally important, the "next" trim time is not going to be a drudge or a fight for me or one of my already mentally and physically challenged equine rescued kids. :)

Well that is exactly how it has changed my life and theirs.
Especially in the summer time, I would get so physically exhausted with just "one hoof" that would take me about 20 minutes to get done because my hands and arms would get weak and my knee or leg would start to shake because of the weight of holding the leg and hoof and the motion of the enormous rasp would cramp my little hand before any real results would start to take place from my efforts, especially if it was a thick or deformed hoof and then I would have to stop and take a break several times before that one hoof was done because I would also have to catch my breath.

With the Hoof Jack, it's Tah-Da...Get in there and you’re done!

I can do 2 - 4 horses or 8 feet in just about an hour or a little more, where it would take the same amount of time for just one horse and before I owned the Hoof Jack, I could only do one horse a day, maybe two, because it would just take so much out of my body to tend to a horses feet!

In addition to all these "BLESSINGS"...!
Because my Hoof Jack is such a gift, I have been able to be a better horse owner.
Tending to their hoof needs with no effort on a more regular basis and because I am not hurting my back or neck, or them, I am a healthier and more vital horse owner!

Because the Hoof Jack truly "takes the effort and pain out of trimming/maintenance" of doing all of my rescue horses feet, I am able to learn and teach my self more about the beautiful soles I love so much. And I want to know as much as I can, so I can care better for their hoof prints with their second chance here on earth with me at a place called Harmony Corral.

I truly have learned more about the hoof because of the "gift" called the Hoof Jack!

I could never do with out my Hoof Jack now that I own one.
It is one of my most valuable possessions!!


The only other equine product on the market that holds the same place in my heart that the Hoof Jack does is the Horse Sneaker Hoof Wing boots, because they too have taught me so much about the horses hoof, out right saved lives where death sentences were given and hope was lost. They too made me a better horse owner, care giver and mother to all my discarded equine National Treasure children.

Hand in hand with both these gifts for the hoof, I save lives with my own hands.


My world is a better place because of the Hoof Jack!

Thank You from the bottom of my heart Equine Innovations!

God Bless you and yours always!

Very Truly Yours;
/ \ \ \
Jennifer Hughes and Harmony Corral soles.