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Katrina R.

Dear Mr. Keeler

I have been using your Hoofjack for over a year now and thought that you might like to know how it’s going.

I bought the stand shortly after I began experiencing unexplained and painful swelling of the joints in my ankles, knees and fingers. It was my hope that using the stand would allow me to keep working. Fortunately for me, it did. After a year, I got a good diagnosis and treatment that eventually returned me to full health… But I wasn’t giving up my Hoofjack!

I’ve found that using the Hoofjack has helped me to double the number of horses I trim in a day. Many of my clients are elderly horses or heavy broodmares who like to rest on me a little. The stand lets them rest, keeps the peace and saves my back.

Thanks Again.
I’ll keep recommending the Hoofjack!

Katrina R.