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Lisa S

I just wanted to thank you for designing such a great product!!! I LOVE MY HOOFJACK! When I moved my horse closer to home last spring (he was at his trainer’s over an hour away), I decided I wanted to be more “hands on” and learn how to trim his hooves. Luckily, the barefoot trimmer who trims several horses at the farm I moved to, Dawn Willoughby, took me under her wing and began to teach me how to trim. Oh, I’d better add that my horse is a 17.2, 2200 lb Percheron J That’s a LOT of hoof to learn to trim!!!!

Watching Dawn trim him, and then trying to replicate that with the inferior hoof stands at the barn where I board, was very trying. My back hurt, my knees were killing me, and my horse was miserable, because the stupid stand wouldn’t stand up under my gelding’s hoof! I’d put a hoof up, the post would slide down, I’d take his hoof off, slide the post back and tighten it even more, put his hoof back and it would slide down again… UGH!!

After a few weeks of trimming his hooves, I’d get “Hoofjack Envy” when Dawn would come up for my trimming lessons. She would set it, and it wouldn’t slide!! Then there was the added bonus of those wonderful MAGNETS that held your rasps!! I didn’t have to be a contortionist if I left my rasp on the other side of the horse!!!

I work full time, and I’m in grad school… since I’m paying that grad school tuition, I had to wait a few months to get my own Hoofjack, but now that I have it, I don’t know how I managed without it!!! I did opt to get the regular Hoofjack instead of the Draft model, simply to have more versatility if I ever add a non-draft to my “family.”

There are 4 or 5 other hoof stands around the barn and in the indoor where I board, (and if you look, you'll see one in the background of the picture I sent you!) but the quality and design of the HoofJack is vastly superior!!

THANK YOU for such an awesome product!!!!