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Mike C.

I own two Hoofjack's and love them! They are the MOST IMPORTANT tools in my shoeing rig. The reason I have two Hoofjack's is because I thought I ruined my first one. I was at my house and had cleaned out my shoeing rig. I left my Hoofjack® on the ground behind my rig. I went to back my rig up and heard a noise. My truck stopped moving. I immediately put my truck in park and want to the back of my rig. When I looked under my truck there was my Hoofjack® bent in half! I got back in my rig and pulled it forward. My Hoofjack® was so jammed under my rear axle I still had to dig it out. I knew it was ruined so I made a trip to the local farrier shop to purchase a new one. When I returned I noticed that my "ruined" Hoofjack® had assumed some of it's original shape but was still warped. The next day when I returned home my so-called "ruined" Hoofjack® was back to normal! Now I keep one set up with a cradle and one set up like a normal hoof stand. I also like having two Hoofjack's® as if I have a client that needs to train a horse to stand still for the farrier I will loan my old Hoofjack® to them.

One of the best things I love about my Hoofjack® is how well the hind hoofs come out. I actually get compliments from owners and vets on how nice I can balance a hind foot. There is two reasons why I can balance the hind hoof so good. The first one is horses love the Hoofjack® cradle. Even sore hocked horses will relax in the cradle. Since the horse is relaxed and not moving around I can do better work. The second reason is I am not looking at the hind leg from an angle. The leg is in a natural position in line with the hip. I am looking straight down at the hoof, not at an angle across my lap. Due to these two reasons I can focus on my job, not getting pulled around by a horse.

I was wounded in April of 2003 in Iraq. In one day I had over four explosions hit me at point blank on my right side. Due to these injuries I suffer from Traumatic Brain Injury. I get blurred vision, dizzy and have problems with my equilibrium. I also have problems with my back, hip, neck and right shoulder due to my injuries. I don't have to worry about losing my balance and falling down while working on a horse. For me working on horses all day is relaxing and a form of therapy. I couldn't think of another job I would want to do.

Recently I had the front right hoof of a Friesian pulled forward and was dressing a lateral flair while the shoe was heating up. I reached forward to get a sanding block out of my shoeing box and the Friesian pulled its foot off the Hoofjack® and struck at me. He hit me in the lower left side of my back. He broke two ribs and bruised my kidney. My Hoofjack® fell over and the horse came down on it. I rolled away and balled up waiting for the horse to blow up. He did not due to the fact that the Hoofjack® does not make excessive noise because of the material it is made from. This injury was very painful but due to my two Hoofjack's I could continue to work. My Hoofjack® made it possible for me to continue to work, make money and keep my clients.

I would recommend the Hoofjack® to anyone that has to pick up a horse's hoof to work on it, to include my own clients who love their Hoofjack®. It is easy to train a horse to use it, easy to train my clients to use it and makes life for everyone, to include the horse, a lot happier!

Thanks for making such a great product,

Mike C