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Mike C from Temecula CA.

I am the farrier from Temecula, California that ran over his Hoofjack.
I was at home shoeing my own horses and left my Hoofjack setting on my tailgate. I decided to back my truck up to the barn. When backing I heard a strange noise. I stopped and when I investigated I noticed that my Hoofjack had fallen off my truck. It was bent in half under my axle. This was on Saturday afternoon. I put it in my shop thinking that I could at least save some of the hardware off of it. I got up Monday morning thinking I had to stop at the farrier shop to pick up a new Hoofjack. When I went to my shop to load up for day I noticed that my Hoofjack almost back in shape. Well a couple of days latter it was good as new! I can not believe that my Hoofjack survived being run over and bent in half.

I want to also thank you for making a product that has added more years to my shoeing career. I hardly trim any hind feet anymore without using the sling on my Hoofjack. It takes about 15 seconds to train a horse to rest in the sling. I do horses that others have given up on due to being hard to work on the hinds.

Mike C.