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Nancy S. Loving, DVM

Dear Kevin Keeler
After more than 2 decades in equine practice, I was faced with a dilemma -- how to hold up a horse's lower leg to evaluate and work on it despite my hip injury from too many years of doing just that. I can say without reservation that the Hoofjack has made it possible for me to diligently continue my equine veterinary practice that focuses a lot on lameness issues. Not only does the Hoofjack take a load off my painful hip and keep me from overusing my back, but the horses seem to prefer it. Resting their leg on the jack puts their limbs in a more natural alignment with their body rather than a leg having to be tweaked out to the side to fit in my lap. It is a rare horse or foal that shows any objections to the jack. It is an invaluable tool, one I can't leave home without in my equine practice.

I can't express enough thanks for this great innovation!

Nancy S. Loving, DVM
Boulder, Colorado