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Pacific Coast Horseshoeing School

Mr. Keeler,

Thank you for your Hoofjack.  I have purchased 20 of them to use in my school.

Prior to the Hoofjack students had difficulty trimming and shoeing the backend of horses in the beginning of the program.  Once fatigue sets in the focus becomes speed and not excellence of work.  I find that student’s legs give out long before their willingness to learn gives out.

With your Hoofjack my students can continue to learn the skills needed to become a professional farrier and not have to wait for their legs to get in shape, wasting precious training time.

Once they use the Hoofjack they find that they are physically capable of shoeing or trimming more horses per day with less work.

I have been shoeing for 38 years and I don't know why anyone would shoe or trim a horse without a Hoofjack.

Thanks for a great product!