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Renee Y.

Dear Kevin,

You probably don’t remember me, but I purchased a Hoofjack from you at Equine Affaire in Louisville last month, which was later shipped to me in KY. I received it last week and used it for the first time yesterday. I just wanted to let you know that I absolutely LOVE it, and I can’t imagine going to a regular hoof stand. One of the horses I trimmed yesterday is a 4 year-old saddle-bred. He is very well mannered but sometimes gets impatient and a bit frustrated during trimming. With the Hoofjack yesterday, he was totally relaxed and very patient, almost certainly because he was so comfortable. I ended up using the cradle to do all the work on the bottom of the hoof rather than trying to hold his feet between my knees and on my thighs. I think having his foot in the cradle was MUCH more comfortable for him and why he was so relaxed. By resting his foot in the cradle he seem to feel very secure, and it made it so that there was no torque on the joints when I was working on a particular foot.

The natural hoof care mentor who has been teaching me has been considering buying a Hoofjack. She was very impressed, so I let her borrow it as I won’t need it again for several weeks. She tried it today and thought it was terrific. I am confident she will be a customer of yours as soon as her budget allows.

Thanks for answering all my questions at your booth at Equine Affaire, and for making such a great product. I am looking forward to continuing to use it and would enthusiastically recommend it to anyone looking for a hoof stand. My back thanks you too!