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Ron in Putnam, Texas


I’m 62 years old and haven’t been on or under a horse in 28 years. As a young man I attended a horseshoeing school in Oaklahoma and shod horses for several years. My wife had a bad horse related accident and shortly after we got out of the horse business.

Fast forward to this past Christmas… My wife bought another horse. Since they no longer hang horse thieves here in Texas, and the horse loves me, I stole it from her. She bought another last week.

I tried trimming my horse the old fashion way and just about died. The horse was sitting on me (I was pulling his leg out to the side) and it looked like we would be paying a lot of money to a farrier.

And then I found your product at Valley Vet. I took a chance and bought one. I have renamed it, “The Miracle Jack”. I just trimmed my horse and for the first time, her horse. Am I tired? Yes! But I’m not dead and I’m not sore. With a little exercise I may be back in the business.
Thanks for inventing Hoofjack. You just saved me a lot of money…

Ron in Putnam, Texas
Luscombe N71108