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Roy and Traci

Dear Kevin,

We want to thank you for a wonderful product. The first horse we were going to “train” to use the Hoofjack is our twenty-something year old Arab mare. She is a breeze to trim but as she gets older she has really started leaning and seems uncomfortable during the trimmings. She accepted the Hoofjack without any reaction at all. We were amazed at how relaxed she felt. By having her foot closer to the midline than it could be when I was just holding her foot between my legs and at a better height for her because I am so short, she was aligned in such a manner that she was really enjoying her hoof care. Normally you can feel how tense she is, just because she is uncomfortable and again, we could not believe how relaxed her whole body was. This will greatly improve the quality of her hoof care because I don’t have to rush to put her foot down because I know she is in discomfort and can spend the time working with her foot thoroughly. I also felt much safer because I know she was not going to try to bail out because of her discomfort. It was also much easier on my back too!

Thanks for a great product.
Roy & Traci