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Steven H. DVM

Dear Kevin,

It was nice to meet you at the AAEP meeting. I have been a large animal Veterinarian for 32 years. My practice is primarily equine and I deal with a large cross section of horses.
Two years ago a Warm Blood horse came down on top of me and fractured my right knee and leg. I kept working with my leg wrapped but got caught in a chute with a cow and had my left hip and pelvis fractured. I kept working and by now I'm not moving very well and a mare kicked during a pregnancy check and fractured my left knee. Now, I can stand but not move and I was pulling a tooth on a 2 year old when he backed up and my shoulder was torn out of the socket. So, now I'm down to my left arm. The local farriers showed me their Hoof Jacks and let me try them out. The Hoof Jack allowed me to pick up feet and work on them without cradling them between my legs. The jerking horses seemed more comfortable and the design of the Hoof Jack allows me to quickly and easily get out of the way without being caught underneath the horse. It has saved impact on my knees, arms and prevented fatigue on my back and arms. I can also use it for blocking and injecting joints. I looked at other similar products but found yours to be the best one for me and the horses. I have used it for 2 years and it has helped me a great deal. I was told I would never work again after my hip was replaced but this keeps the hip from popping out. I know many farriers and veterinarians with injuries or who are just wearing out but I think this could help them. I still have 3 fractures in my right knee but I plan to practice another 20 years.
Steven H. DVM