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Susan M.

Dear Equine Innovations:

I want to thank you for creating the Hoofjack. WHAT an outstanding product! I just finished trimming my three horses, including my 36 year old Appaloosa. Your excellent and detailed demonstration video was so helpful in understanding how to position and use the Hoofjack. I've been trimming my own horses since I was 10 years old. My Dad told me if I was going to have horses, I was going to have to do all the work of taking care of them. Two years ago, after my husband and I were t-boned on our motorcycle and my leg was badly broken, as one might imagine, I was having great difficulty trimming my horses, especially our 36 year old. My sweet husband started looking for a product like yours that would help. When he found Hoofjack, I was intrigued but balked at the price. Let me say now for anyone hesitating in purchasing this wonderful tool because of the cost, it is WORTH every dollar! I'm over 50 now and still recovering from the motorcycle accident. Before using the Hoofjack, at best, I could only trim six hooves a day. One horse would usually stove me up for a couple of days. The 36 year old had to be a separate day because at her age, she leaned hard on me and could only stand to have her hoof off the ground for a few minutes. I'd have to keep switching sides, giving her (and me!) frequent breaks. Two hours or more to trim her was not unusual; many days I could only trim two hooves and then would have to wait several days to trim the other two. I just finished trimming all four of her hooves AND our six year old! Trimming both horses took an hour and a half (remember, I'm still recovering from the accident and don't yet have the strength I used to.) I have no doubt that as I get more familiar with using the Hoofjack and especially the 36 year old discovers she can put her full weight on it, that trimming will go even faster. With this tool, I can be trimming horses in my 90s! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for creating and making such an excellent and outstanding tool!

Gratefully yours,

Susan M