Hoofjack® Hoof Stand

  • Supports the hoof through all phases of pulling the shoe, trimming, filing, nailing on the shoe, and finishing.
  • Reduce strain to back and knees while picking out hooves.
  • No more dropping the hoof to take a back break.
  • Reduces the risk of taking a nail in the leg.
  • Supports the hoof during treatment and bandaging procedures.
  • Apply polish standing up and dirt free using the straight post.
  • Avoid stains on clothing from medications.
  • Convenient magnet accessory for your hoof pick, bandage scissors, studs, wrenches, etc.
  • Allows the horse to stand in an anatomically correct and comfortable position. A comfortable horse will be more compliant making your job easier and safer.
  • The cradle and straight post can be used on both the front and hind feet meaning you never have to support the weight of the horse with your hands or your body again.

Comfort for your horse, Ease for your body