Kerckhaert is the world’s largest independent manufacturer of horseshoes. To achieve its premier position, the company has always upheld its core values: total commitment to dealers and uncompromising product innovation and quality since it was first founded in The Netherlands in 1906. Managed by four generations of the Kerckhaert family, the company has always maintained its lead not only by never failing to recognize market changes, but also setting trends for others to follow. The first major change came when the motor vehicle redefined the horse as a sports and recreational animal instead of a primary means of transportation. Kerckhaert was first to respond to this change by extending its range of products to suit the needs of the sports enthusiast. Today, with more than 1500 different styles in the Kerckhaert product range and with new horseshoes being continuously introduced, Kerckhaert remains the leader in the field.


Kerckhaert is able to develop and deliver products that give Kerckhaert and its dealers the edge in the industry. Investigating trends, exploring new markets, developing products to suit individual and niche markets, have all contributed to the success of Kerckhaert and its dealers.


Innovation and quality go hand-in-hand, but they also do not just happen overnight. Decades of experience and technological development have come together to provide unmatched production efficiency and flexibility. Add to this combination patented designs, proprietary materials and processes, and a dedicated product development program, Kerckhaert will continue to deliver products to suit the exacting requirements of world markets. Kerckhaert supports its dealers with information, advertising and promotional needs on all products.


With the industry’s strictest quality assurance system, such as the use of steel exclusively supplied by ISO 9000-accredited suppliers and extensive quality control checks, the result is the highest quality horseshoe available anywhere. Customer satisfaction is therefore guaranteed.


To provide extra value to its dealers, Kerckhaert is also one of the largest central purchasing and distribution centres for independent tool and hoof care manufactures. All of the world’s leading and well-known brands are available from Kerckhaert. Dealers benefit from preferential pricing as well as the convenience of sourcing materials from Kerckhaert as a one-stop supplier – everything a dealer needs to build a successful business.


With Kerckhaert’s dedication to improving products, processes and service levels, combined with the traditional craftsmanship of yesterday, Kerckhaert has guaranteed its future as a leader in horseshoes and farrier-related products.


Very few companies in the Netherlands are entitled to call themselves “Royal”. Before receiving the honour “by Royal Warrant” the company is screened by the local and national government. If both authorities give positive approval to Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands, Her Majesty then grants the title, “by Royal Warrant”.

Some of the criteria the company must meet are:

  • to be a leader in its field
  • to be of national importance
  • to have been in existence for at least 100 years
  • to be financially healthy
  • to have a clear company vision

Only about 150 companies in the Netherlands are currently entitled to use the prestigious title, “by Royal Warrant”. In 2006, when the Kerckhaert company was 100 years old, Kerckhaert was inspected by the local and national government. As a result of this, Kerckhaert was extremely honoured to receive the “by Royal Warrant” in July 2008. Of course, this prestigious award is the result of many years hard work by the different generations of the Kerckhaert family, supported by friends, together with the worldwide network of Kerckhaert dealers and the professional farriers who choose Kerckhaert horseshoes above all others. The Kerckhaert family thanks you all. All “Royal Warrant” enterprises are allowed to incorporate a crown in their logo. As you will have already noticed, the Kerckhaert logo has changed to incorporate this. Kerckhaert is proud to have earned this rare and prestigious title.

Please feel free to contact us at:

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